Welcome to TransCampOut!

TransCampOUT is a trans-oriented, trans-positive, sex and body positive, kinky event committed to providing a safe, fun, supportive environment for community building and individual growth through a diverse range of activities. TransCampOUT is geared toward all people outside the binary gender spectrum and their supporters.

TCO is the biggest camping event in the midwest that’s primary focus is the transgender and gender queer community. The event is 100% created by and for our community, our allies, and our supporters.  We love everyone though!  Regardless of your gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, kinky, or vanilla, we welcome all as long as you support the tg and gq community we bid you, please Come As You Are.

At TransCampOUT, we strive to provide a safe, comfortable, inclusive space for trans, gender queer, kinky and leather identified people and their allies. TCO is a great place to meet new people or socialize with old friends, learn new things, play with others, commune with nature, or just plain relax. The atmosphere at TCO is one of community and acceptance – a place where trans and gender queer people can be open and celebrate their bodies and sexuality among like-minded peers and allies. People of all identities and forms of expression are welcome – the only requirement is mutual respect for all. There are many fun activities to be had at TCO, and a wide array of people come to share their knowledge and experience with us as well as socialize in a comfortable environment. Join us as we celebrate such subjects as trans identity and alternative gender expressions, sexuality, BDSM, and kinky and queer spirituality.

TransCampOUT is Green! TCO encourages all attendees to bring their own plate, bowl, eating utensils and a cup. There is a washing station at the campground where you will be able to clean them. If you cannot bring your own or forget, there will be disposables available on site for $1.00 a meal. We hope you will be willing to do your part to cut back on unnecessary trash!

TransCampOut was last held in 2013 and is currently on hiatus. We need your support in order to bring this unique event back! Please consider offering your assistance as an event organizer, all positions are available and any ideas, talent, or resources you feel you can bring would be extremely helpful.

Read the TransCampOut 2013 Closing Ceremony speech!
Interested in organizing this amazing event?  –  Contact us!